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Consulting as a dream analyst and dream therapist for 22 years and celebrating 16 years consulting online

Welcome! I'm Jane Teresa Anderson BSc Hons, dream analyst, dream therapist, mentor, trainer, author of six books, a frequent guest on national television and an accomplished radio dream interpretation expert, interpreting callers’ dreams. My bio.

So, where shall we begin? Enjoy delving into the plentiful free resources to learn about the art and science of understanding your dreams, or take a short cut and book a consultation to gain insight into your dreams and how they can help you to improve your life at every level. Here are some of the ways I can help you:

How I can help you

Improve your life at every level

Your dreams reflect where you’re currently at and why: I help you to see how to move from there to where you’d rather be.

I help you to see solutions to problems, resolve issues, gain fresh perspective and insight, and improve your life at every level.

Dream Consultation 60 minutes by phone
Ask me about a dream confidentially from the privacy of your home by skype or phone or in Brisbane.

Stop Nightmares Now: consultation by phone
I help you to understand your nightmare, and then take you through a technique to stop it from recurring and give you peaceful, restorative sleep.

Children's Nightmares
I help you to help your child.

Explore your Dreams 12 sessions
You and I explore and analyse your dreams by skype or phone or in Brisbane.
6 session option

Dream Therapy 12 sessions
For deep analysis and therapeutic, healing results:
You might begin dream therapy because you have a specific issue you’d like to address, resolve, or heal, or you might simply be excited to begin a deeper journey into the self, to tune in and tune up, to prepare for your next steps in life. More

For powerful insight and results, let’s talk about

• A recent vivid dream
or • A recurring dream (or theme)
or • A nightmare or dream that frightened you
or • A dream that left you feeling anxious
or • A dream that intrigues you
or • During times of change or challenge: last night’s dream

As well as your dream, bring your questions, whether they are practical, emotional, spiritual, or all of these.
Book a Consultation

Articles about dreams

Jane Teresa Anderson's blog
Enjoy hundreds of my articles about dreams and how they relate to life on my blog, a huge, informative, entertaining, insightful resource about the art and science of understanding and working with your dreams.

What is a dream? When you sleep, your brain and mind process your waking life experiences of the last 24-48 hours. One function is to store some of your experiences into memory. Another is to build your unique belief system (mindset), based on your experiences, to help you ... More

Help with nightmares

Stop nightmares now
You don’t have to suffer nightmares and the anxious, broken sleep they bring.

Nightmares can be eased and stopped from recurring using simple techniques that I take you through during your consultation in the privacy of your home by phone, or by Skype.

The Dream Show Podcasts

Listen as Jane Teresa interprets her guests' dreams and shares tips and insights

Listen as I analyse my guests’ dreams and share dream interpretation tips & insights in this free monthly podcast.

Recent television appearance

The Today Show, Network Nine, 19 June 2014
The Today Show, Nine
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JT on national TV: Sunrise and The Morning Show
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Training courses

Professional, Novice, and Personal Training in applying my methods

Learn and apply my methods. Professional and Personal one-on-one training courses with me by Phone, Skype, or in Paddington, Brisbane.

My Books and eBooks

Purchase Jane Teresa's books and ebooks

I am the author of 6 paperbacks (four published by Hachette, Random House and HarperCollins) as well as a range of instant download eBooks.

All written content on www.dream.net.au is copyright Jane Teresa Anderson.

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