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About Jane Teresa Anderson I'm Jane Teresa Anderson BSc Hons, dream analyst, dream therapist, mentor, trainer, author of six books, a frequent guest on national television and an accomplished radio dream interpretation expert, interpreting callers’ dreams. My bio.

I've been consulting as a dream analyst and dream therapist for 23 years, including 17 years online through this website.

I help you to see solutions to problems, resolve issues, gain fresh perspective and insight, and improve your life at every level, through intelligent, meaningful insight into your dreams and your life. So where would you like to begin?

Consultations and dream interpretations

Ask me confidentially about your dreams or nightmares, by phone or email.

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Jane Teresa Anderson's blog

Enjoy hundreds of my articles about dreams and how they relate to life on my blog, a huge, informative, entertaining, insightful resource about the art and science of understanding and working with your dreams.

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Mornings, Channel Nine, June 2015

Mornings, Channel Nine
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What is a dream?

When you sleep, your brain and mind process your waking life experiences of the last 24-48 hours. One function is to store some of your experiences into memory. Another is to build your unique belief system (mindset), based on your experiences, to help you ... More

What do dreams about death mean?

Dreams of death are not what they seem, as you'll discover in this blog: To dream of death means. My ebook 12 Key Questions to help you interpret your death dream is a popular choice.

What do cheating dreams mean?

Your partner cheats on you or you cheat on your partner in a dream. Help is at hand in this blog: Cheating dreams.

What is dream alchemy?

How can working with a dream help you to rewire your brain, or reprogram your unconscious habitual beliefs and patterns? This blog explains: Rewiring the brain with dream alchemy.

Dreaming about looking for a toilet

What does looking for a suitable toilet (and usually not finding one) in a dream mean? Here's the blog for you: A suitable toilet.

What are recurring dreams?

How can you stop a recurring dream? What can you learn from a recurring dream? Here's a blog about how to stop recurring dreams and the kind of practical results you can expect to see in your life when you understand a dream and apply dream alchemy.

What does losing teeth in a dream mean?

Dreaming about losing teeth is one of the most common recurring dreams. This blog helps you to understand What dreaming of losing teeth means.

Dreams of being unprepared

Have you dreamed of being asked to give a speech or presentation but you're unprepared or you haven't studied? Here's a blog to throw some light: All the world's a stage.

A tale of two feathers

Many of my blogs are about the wonderful, inspirational, perhaps mysterious and magical side of life. This is one of them: A tale of two feathers

An ordinary fairy

Sometimes the deeply meaningful arrives in seemingly simple packages. I was sitting in my garden when this blog about an ordinary fairy evolved.

Bodywork and dreams

A massage or yoga class can lead to a blog about dreams. This one is popular: Bodywork and dreams.

Silent voices

Most of my blogs include tips on dream analysis, dream interpretation, dream therapy, or dream alchemy, like this one: Silent voices.

My books and ebooks

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I am the author of 6 paperbacks (four published by Hachette, Random House and HarperCollins) as well as a range of eBooks.

The Dream Show podcasts

Listen as Jane Teresa interprets her guests' dreams and shares tips and insights

Listen as I analyse my guests’ dreams and share dream interpretation tips & insights in this free monthly podcast.

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