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Where's the dream dictionary?

How weird can your dreams get? Spaced-out weird? Bizarre weird? What planet weird? Cracking-up weird? Where's the strait-jacket weird? Too weird to talk about weird? Death, falling and wild animal weird? Is there something wrong with me weird? IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME?? NO! The weirder your dream, the easier it is - given the right dream interpretation tools - to find the commonsense meaning behind the whacky facade. And the first tool is a good dream dictionary, right? WRONG!!! Forget dream dictionaries!

What's wrong with dream dictionaries? The cabbage featuring in MY weird dream means something completely different to the cabbage at the centre of YOUR dream drama. Why? Because dreams are more about story line and drama than about the individual players. Of vital significance in the cabbage dream is not the humble vegetable itself, but what kind of adventure it had and how it turned out. How did the cabbage stand up to the alien caterpillar? Or what became of the cabbage that got so bored of sitting in a cabbage patch that it uprooted, grew wings and flew away singing "And the dog ran away with the spoon"?

Dreams are movies, dynamic pictures filled with emotion, feeling and colour. Dream dictionaries look at single words ... but dreams are experienced as whole pictures. A picture tells a thousand words but a single word cannot reveal the meaningful depth of a picture.

So how do you interpret a weird dream without a dream dictionary?

Your weird dreams make sense when you look sideways at the themes, questions, twists and turns in the plots. It's all a matter of knowing how to look at a dream and how to see the common-sense parading as cryptic crossword bizarre weird stuff. And for THAT job you need the right tools.

The basic tools, as I have researched, used and refined them during years as a dream analyst (since 1992), are presented in my ebook, How To Interpret Your Dreams.

- Jane Teresa Anderson

Dream Alchemy

Read more in Jane Teresa's book Dream Alchemy.

Dreams of death

Dreams of death help us to ex-change dead-end situations for way more fulfilling ones. Who wants to be stuck in the past?

So you wake up totally freaking out because you've just killed your house-mate, witnessed a gruesome fatal road accident or attended your own funeral. The last thing on your mind is telling anyone about your dream: surely there's something massively wrong with such dark dreaming. Right? Wrong!!!

Heaps of people stay stuck in old ruts, missing life's best adventures: dead bored, unhappy, feeling that something is missing but not quite knowing what.

Life (yes, LIFE ... not death!) is about CHANGE. As you grow and change, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, you experience little deaths and births. Death of the old you, of your old appearance, self-image, thoughts, attitudes, habits, ways of solving problems, mental barriers, ways of being, relationships, courses, jobs ... The only way to move forward and change is to let these old ways die. Then you birth new ways of being, new relationships, new paths, new attitudes. Your dreams often use death to show what is dying off within you so that you are free to move forward. Sometimes your death dreams warn you that you are killing off things (relationships, ways of thinking) that you would be better to keep alive, even to put more energy into.

So, how can you tell which dreams are about good changes and which are warning you of less desirable change?

And what does it mean if the people dying in your dreams are people that you know? Well, one thing is for sure: the people you dream about are NOT going to die. Forget dream dictionaries! YOUR dreams are ALWAYS about YOU.

- Jane Teresa Anderson

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Dream Alchemy

Read more in Jane Teresa's book Dream Alchemy.

Dreams of wild animals

Wake up, smell the coffee and kick-start some of life's obstacles into oblivion by sorting the dream sheep from the dream goats. Look at the animals you meet in your dreams as your own instincts, your animal savvy, your wild nature, your evolutionary survival wisdom, your personal walking-talking guides to the energies you meet, deal with, or ignore every day ... or (for the really helpful stuff) the energies you could do with tapping into.

Were you chased by a stealthy tiger, eye-balled by a silent lion, pecked by a swooping eagle, stampeded by an angry bull, carried away by a soldier ant or bitten on the bum by a wild pig? Or were you accompanied by a guardian wolf, wrapped in silk by a spider, spun a tale by a talking kangaroo or carried to safety by a bucking bronco?

Think animal totems and - hey - you're halfway to getting your animal dreams. According to the culture of your birth you might have been born to the Deer Totem, to the Eagle God or under the sign of the Capricorn Goat. You might wear your animal sign around your neck or burned into a tatoo. And the point of it all? Traditionally to draw on the gentle energy of the deer, the soaring, far-seeing energy of the eagle or the enduring mountain-climbing energy of the goat. Your totem, your touchstone, your visualisation: your extra burst of help and instinct to draw on in times of need. Your special power. And so..?

Way more powerful, hey, to be able to draw on the whole gamut of energies: Need a bit of graceful, inner-beauty power? Think or dream Swan. Need to show a shade more passion? Think or dream jaguar. Do with a touch more courage? Think or dream bear. Ready to show the world who you really are? Think or dream butterfly emerging from a pupa. Need a major transformation in your life? Think or dream frog on the verge of a kiss .... get it Princess? When you need to draw on under-used powerful instincts and energies, your dreams will often cast animals to put you IN TOUCH with your instincts.

Oh, yes, and ... I should add: dreams are far-out mirrors. Look into a dream and you'll see yourself in a far greater range of guises and disguises than you think you show the world. That's precisely why you can see that lion of strength silently standing to attention when you have forgotten to feel the power of your strength. But, hey, it's also why you can see the strutting peacock, the greedy, chauvinistic pig or the broken-record caged parrot. Could it be that these traits are in your bag of daily-dose energies too?

Forget dream dictionaries! YOUR dreams are ALWAYS about YOU, and YOUR personal feelings about the nature of a crocodile, fish or corgi-dog are not the same as someone else's.

- Jane Teresa Anderson

Dream Alchemy

Read more in Jane Teresa's book Dream Alchemy.

Dreams of falling

Dreams are real drama queens. It's like, "Once more with falling ... uhh .. with feeling, darling, with feeling." Falling dreams are all about feeling, or not feeling. Complicated? Not really - the meaning of your dream soon falls into place when you give dream dictionaries the shove and do a little detective work instead. Here's how:

Errr, umm ... is that a 'shiiiit! screaming falling from a window' kind of falling or a 'wow-man free floating' kind of falling? The thing is, how did you FEEL about falling in your dream? Dream falling is a lot about feeling. Oh, yes, and about being in and out of control too.

You know that funny little falling feeling you sometimes get when you're falling asleep? Well, that's NOT what we're talking about here. That twitchy oops kind of feeling happens because the nerves controlling your arms and legs go into doze-mode to let you dream without your body joining in the action. To make sure you stay in your bed no matter where your dreams lead you. Sometimes, as you drop off, you are still awake enough to feel the letting go of your muscles and ... hey ... oops, you feel the fall.

But in true dreams you fall with meaning and feeling.

Mostly you fall in dreams in terror, or find yourself watching, helplessly, as others fall. A child falls off a cliff, a boy falls from a window, a plane falls from the sky or you find yourself falling to a certain death. Your heart lurches and falls into the pit of your stomach. There's nothing you can do - except let go.

"If you fall and hit the bottom in your dream, you'll die in your sleep." So goes the old tale. Well, if you DO hit bottom in a falling dream and wake up you'll tell a different tale. At least in your own experience. Most dreamers, when they hit bottom, stand aside from their body and walk away. Life goes on.

If your dream falling gives you a feeling of terror, helplessness or deep loss, your dream is most likely releasing feelings you have kept under control. You may have been trying to control or deny feelings of losing touch with a lover, losing your sense of belonging, losing face, losing control or feeling helpless in some area of your life. Dreams release feelings you try to control. Life works better if you acknowledge your feelings, if you let it be okay to name your feelings, if you ease up on tight control.

If you hold on to anything too tight you soon lose your grip. Pride and control both come before a fall. The best way to move forward is to let go your grip so you can reach higher. Sometimes letting go is the best way to free-fall and discover you have wings. Control is fear, letting go is love. You can fall from fear or you can fall in love. Which do you choose?

Dream 'fall', think 'feeling'. How do you feel in the dream and what could this dream feeling be telling you about feelings you're not acknowledging?

Dreams are real drama queens. They love to play out puns and cliches too. An ecstatic kind of falling in a dream may be drawing your attention to falling in love. You may dream fall into depression (dream of falling into a black hole?) or fall from grace.

The bottom line in falling? You either hit the bottom and then live on - hey, the only way from the bottom is up! Or you find wings as you fall. Either way, the way forward out of a tight situation is to ease the control - to let go.

- Jane Teresa Anderson

Dream Alchemy

Read more in Jane Teresa's book Dream Alchemy.


One person's nightmare is another person's bad dream is another person's exciting night time adventure. There's nothing special about a nightmare. It's a dream, like any other dream. But it's a scary one.

No - way beyond scary. It's blood-freezing, teeth-chattering, heart-thumping and paralysing scary. But if dreams exist to provide you with love, light and guidance, why do they sometimes choose messengers of death, falling, wild animals and the stuff of sheer, utter, blood-curdling, hair-raising terror?

It's all about fear. Duh, you knew that, didn't you? But hang in there. Your dreams are about the conflicts you meet in waking life. Each night they file away your day's experiences by comparing them to your past and coming up with a combination of 'best-match searches' and new data insights. Your dreams update your view of the world and your feelings about your place in it. Do you wish to overwrite this file? Yes!

What holds us back most in life is fear. What moves us forward most in life is love. Our conflicts and worries mostly revolve around our fears. Our dreams show us where we fear and come up with new combos of ways to overcome our fears. Mostly our dreams show us that when we face our fears they disappear. Our dreams wake us up to our fears.

If you run away from something frightening in a dream, you'll keep running. Nothing is solved. If you run away from something in waking life, you'll keep running. Nothing is solved.

If you turn away from something fearful in a dream, it will continue to haunt you. If you turn away from something fearful in waking life, it will continue to haunt you.

What you fear in waking life will haunt you in your dreams, begging you to face up to it. If you fear your personal power, it may frighten you in a dream, dressed as a shadowy power or as a huge scuttling spider. If you fear asserting yourself in waking life, you may find yourself expressing violent anger in your dream or being confronted by a dark, angry force. If you feel you are drowning or suffocating emotionally in waking life, you may dream you are drowning or suffocating. Over and over again, the fears you do not face up to in waking life will face you in your dreams, begging you to deal with them.

Your nightmares may seem totally weird and un-interpretable, but all you lack are the right tools to turn the weird stuff into practical common-sense info to help you to face fears and turn your life around.

When you wake up, pulse racing, soaked in sweat, gulping air like you've been holding your breath, feeling a heavy weight on your chest, try not to add freak out to freak out. All that's happening is that when you experience fear in a dream your body responds with an adrenalin rush just as it does when you have a fright when you're awake. Your body doesn't know the difference between dreaming and being awake when it comes to fear. That adrenalin response is as old as dreaming, designed to equip your body to fight the wild animal or flee it.

Your nightmare, your fear: fight or flight? Neither really. Better to quietly NAME your fears. Like Rumplestiltskin, once named they vanish. To name your fears and banish your nightmares, you'll need to start by interpreting these dreams.

- Jane Teresa Anderson

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Dream Alchemy

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Recurring dreams

Why do some dreams recur and how can you break the cycle, get out of the dream rut and into a new groove? How can you kick the broken record repeats and move on to some new dream adventures? Your dreams deal with what's been going on for you in the last day or two, so, hey, if your dreams are recurring what does that say about how you approach your life?

Your dreams recur when you keep coming up against the same old blocks or issues without resolving them. Recurring equals stuck: repeating, can't get past go. That's why most recurring dreams have stuck endings. Your dreams show you as stuck, stuck, stuck... so, something needs to change, change, change.

What's your recurring dream? Do you find yourself back at school again thinking, "I thought I left here years ago?" Or are you continuously running for that plane and missing it? How about that one where you can't get the elevator to stop at the floor you want? Or the step back in time one where you find yourself still with the ex before the last ex? Or - oh no - here you are, once again, standing outside the old childhood home...

And how about that magic moment when you suddenly dream the way out? You finally leave school, catch the plane or step out of the elevator onto your chosen floor? Those dreams are your solutions, your keys, your way out. Only they're cryptic, right? You don't get the language of dreams so how are you supposed to get the point, grab the key and unlock your future?

Here's part of the secret. Start with the recurring dream. You know your dream is about how you've handled your life in the last two days, so think back and take a few notes. What were the difficult moments? Where were the stuck points? Who or what irritated you? Where did you feel uncomfortable and with who? Now - NEXT time you have the recurring dream, do the same. Over several repeats you'll be able to see what the days leading up to the dream shared in common. You'll be able to NAME that issue! Half-way there!

And to blast the recurring dream into the past and leave it there? Well, that's where you need to be able to interpret your dream to discover how to change your approach to the issue that's keeping you stuck ... so you can move on.

- Jane Teresa Anderson

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Dream Alchemy

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